Training is available on following Topics.

Waste Management- A (10 hrs)

  1. Solid waste Management –Urban Origin
    • Birds eye view :Urban solid Waste
    • Classification and segregationAwareness class for solid waste generators
    • Training for waste management inspectors
  2. Hazards from Solid Waste Disposal
    • Safe practices for maintaining solid wastes storage dumps
    • Safe practices for storage of solid waste at generating site and transportation regulations
    • Safety of the workers at site of original transport \dump and disposal practices
  3. Management
    • Regulations\Practices
    • Documentation\Transparency

Waste Management- B (10 hrs)

Organic Waste Management –Uraban Area

  • Birds eye view of present situation
  • Practices that were in place before
  • The ideal solution for organic waste management.
  • Accessories and Assistance required for an urban population to manage their organic waste.
  • Hazards from organic waste if the waste is not disposed off scientifically in time .
  • Waste is money
  • The need for a decent and acceptable organic waste dump to solve the problem of organic waste.

Waste Management- C (10 hrs)
Waste in General

  • Awareness of presence of waste in an immediate environment.
  • Cleanliness and environmental hygiene in our daily life.
  • A place for waste is required.
  • Waste management a common goal and investment

Waste Management- D (10 hrs)

Biomedical Waste

  • What is biomedical waste? The organic and present disposal practices.
  • The state regulations on Biomedical Waste Disposal.
  • The national regulation on biomedical waste disposal.
  • The nature of hazards from Biomedical Waste and preventive management

Waste Management- E (10 hrs)

  • Repository for Hazardous waste and its Management

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