Summary of Expertise, Experience and Self Assessment.

Adelaide Calisto Fernandez Ph.D,
T C 13/125-1,Trivandrum 695024, Kerala, India,
Mob 944 7777 985, E-Mail:



Toxicology& Safety Assessment      33 years:An Institution of National Importance, Department of Science and Technology.
Teaching 38 Years: MSc. students to Assistant Professors from IIT
Research   38 Years: Cellular Immunology/Material Toxicology/Natural products
Member Board Of Studies in Universities        8 Years: Cochin University and Kerala University
Internal Auditor  10 Years: (NABL,ISO) SCTIMST
Trainer for Quality System              8 years: Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences &Technology(SCTIMST)
Founder &Trainer  Handling of laboratory Animals and Animal House Managers Course at SCTIMST for 5   years.
Trainer for Values, Ethics & Hygiene Office Staff, Helpers, Cleaners and Gardeners at SCTIMST.
Visiting Professor School of Environmental Studies, Cochin University  -  8 years and Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesotta, USA  -  one year 
Kerala University Nominee Appearing before the NAC Committee for Accreditation purposes.
Writing & Communication  Radio Talk on Popular Science Topics-Health & Environment in All India Radio – Tvm.Invited Lecture in the Institute of Management, Kerala, on Ethics & Values for the Senior Administrative Staff of Kerala State Government.
Testing & Certifying Medical Devices: As per NABL/FDA/ ASTM/ISO Standards. Medical devices are of varying kind from the simple Hypodermic syringe to the sophisticated Heart valve. You may note that, this branch of medicine has been called spare part Medicine. Medical devices are Controlled by Government regulations(DCI) to assure the safety of the patient 
Laboratory Animal Sciences I learned and practiced laboratory animal handling, health monitoring, carrying out Toxicological and Safety evaluations of Biomaterials and Medical Devices in Experimented Laboratory Animals, at SCTIMST. The experience of 33 years at Division of Laboratory Animal Science as per the guideline of CPCSEA, Secretary   of Institutional Animal Ethics Committee and  Nominee of Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AALACI).
Books andPopular  Scientific Articles Prakrithiyude Duckom(Sorrow Of Nature) in Malayalam. Facts about Cancer (English)
Large number of articles to Vinjana Kairali,  Janapatham and State Encyclopedia.
Study of Solid Waste management in Urban Area.
 Extra Curricular Activities:  4 years in National Cadet Corps.Attained Senior Under Officers Grade in 1st Kerala Air Squadron NCC.
A leader in many  Social activities in the Living Community(Corporation Wards).
Founder  President for the Kudumba Sauhrida Vedi, Residents Association, Pettah Post-695024   ( For 12 Years and Executive Member for the last 4 years.) Founder Chairman for the Corporation laboratory.



 Professional Background

I am a professional Toxicologist as well as a Laboratory Animal Science Expert and super- annuated in 2009 from Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) 1976 to 2009.
My work comprised of Testing of Biomedical devices(eg. Heart Valve, Vascular Stents, Dental materials, .Contact lenses (a host of man made spares for our body) for their Safety and Toxicity (Biocompatibility) as per NABL or International Standards(ISO / ASTM) and Certifying them so that they can be sold in India or abroad, as required to offset the cost of Foreign exchange. Management and Care of Laboratory Animals used for Testing was also my Job.
SCTIMST was founded in 1976 and I joined as a Post Doctoral Fellow of ICMR to study the safety and Toxicity of various candidate materials that go into the fabrication of a prosthetic Heart Valve and a Blood Oxygenator. Heart valve materials were supplied by Hindusthan Aeronautic Limited, Bngalore and Plastic materials for the Bubble Oxygenator supplied by the Vikram Sarabai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
I was entrusted in 1998, with the work of Restructuring, Equipping, Selecting personnel and Training them to be competent while the SCTIMST was going in for  ISO Accreditation for Testing and Certification of Biomedical Devices.  Division of Materials Toxicology and Division of laboratory Animal Sciences of SCTIMST faced the Audit and Accredited with the International award ISO 17025 in 2003. ISuperannuated in 2009.
I may be the only person with 33 years of experience and expertise in the area of Biomaterial and Biomedical device Testing and Certification as per National and International. Standards(NABL,FDA,ISO), in an Institution of National Importance.
Animals are needed for conducting pre clinical evaluation(Before Clinical Trials in Humans) of Candidate materials and testing of devices in Experimental Animals. I have also earned experience and expertise in the Care and Management of Experimental Animals as per Committee for the Purpose of Control &Supervision of Experiments in Animals(CPCSEA), MEoF, Govt. of India
 Family Background
My father Dr Alfred Cyril Fernandez(Late), an Anglo Indian from Quilon and mother Mrs. Mariam Fernandez(Late) from Kottayam, came to Thiruvananthapuram (TVM) and settled in 1946. Father was the first Veterinary surgeon of Tvm.  Muncipality. I was borne (1947) and brought up in Tvm Father and mother adopted a 7day old boy baby and a 7 year old girl, who grew up with my two brothers and a sister. So we are six.
Every body need parents, a Home, a Job, a Family and should contribute to the National Income.
 My family
I am married to a Bank officer (Rtd.) and have three children, two boys and one girl, an engineer, a biologist and an officer in LIC, HFLtd. respectively
 A Citizen
Primarily I am a Citizen of India, then a Catholic (Latin Catholic- Anglo Indian. I am s person who received a Green Card from USA, but choose to stay in India as an Indian Citizen.
I was a Cadet of NCC Army Wing for one year and next three years in the All Kerala(1) Air Wing and came to hold the rank of Senior Under Officer, of the whole Kerala State. Here I got the opportunity get a Student Pilot License and few flying hours.
While a Research Fellow I took leadership in forming a Research scholars Association in University of Kerala(Founder President) and the then Vic Chancellor of the University Dr R.S. Krishnan of Bangalore credited the activity of the Association, with in the Campus. He also expressed his appreciation for the very short thesis I submitted for my PhD and got the award.
 At Job
Worked in SCTIMST(1976 to 2009).Became leader of Toxicology and Laboratory Animal Science Divisions,Lead both Division to ISO 17025 Accreditation in 2003.was the Trainer for all new comers into the Quality System and Training  coordinator for the External Trainings.
At the level of my community I was a Catechism teacher for 8 years in the Church and I was elected the First Secretary of the Parish Council. I worked as a Councilor for Cancer Patients and their Relatives.
At the Social level I work with the neighbors irrespective of cast or creed and love them. I have initiated a Residential Association, Kudumba Sauhrida Vedi some 15 years back and was the President for about 10 years.
The Thiruvananthapuram,  Pettah Ward Councilor in 2002 invited me to set up a Clinic for the common person of the ward under the auspicious of Peoples campaign initiated at the time by the Government. The Respected Councilor obtained special permission from the Director of the SCTIMST for me to set up the Clinic with a Clinical Laboratory.
 Popular Scientific Articles
As a learned citizen of India, I wrote Scientific articles for the common man. A book on Cancer was written after I had to serve two of my friends to fight to the last with Bone cancer and Liver Cancer. Also about Environmental hazards, waste management, Street dog menace etc some 25 years back and send to all the political people and ruling Governments. Now we are fighting the out come.
 Objective of this write up
To share the information and expertise to the good of common citizen who suffer.


Adelaide Calisto Fernandez Ph.D,  T C 13/125-1,  Trivandrum 695024,   Kerala,   India,   Mob 944 7777 985,   E-Mail:

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