Professional Background

I am a professional Toxicologist, superannuated (1976 -2009) from the National Institute, Sree Chitra Tirunal   Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum, which is under Department of Science and Technology. This Institute is a Tertiary Hospital for Cardiology and Neurology.
SCTIMST has an R&D division for Designing, Developing, Fabricating and Testing of various Biomedical Devices suitable for the Indian Citizen, so as to reduce the import of these costly items and offset the economics in favor of India. My work comprised of Testing of Biomedical devices(eg. Heart Valve, Vascular Stents, Dental materials, .Contact lenses (a host of man made spares for our body) for their Safety and Toxicity (Biocompatibility) as per NABL or International Standards(ISO / ASTM) and Certifying them so that they can be sold in India or abroad, as required.
SCTIMST was founded in 1976 and I joined as a Post Doctoral Fellow of ICMR to study the safety and Toxicity of various candidate materials that go into the fabrication of a prosthetic Heart Valve and a Blood Oxygenator. Heary valve materials were supplied by Hindusthan Aeronautic Limited, Bngalore and Plastic materials for the Bubble Oxygenator supplied by the Vikram Sarabai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
At SCTIMST, I was able to complete my Post doctoral work creditably and got a Permanent Lecturers post in the year 1979. I was successful in carrying out my work and hence I was entrusted in 1998, with the work of Restructuring, Equipping, Selecting personnel and Training them to be competent while the SCTIMST was going in for   ISO Accreditation for Testing and Certification of Biomedical Devices. I was in Charge of Division of Materials Toxicology and Division of laboratory Animal Sciences of SCTIMST and these two Divisions faced the audit and credited with the International award ISO 17025 in 2003. ISuperannuated in 2009. My capability in understanding Quality System, Documentation and taking two Major divisions to Accreditation provided me the opportunity become the Trainer for Fresher’s joining the Institute in Quality System.
As a Toxicologist, animals are needed for conducting pre clinical evaluation(Before Clinical Trials) of Candidate materials and testing of devices in Experimental Animals. Thus I have also earned experience and expertise in the Care and Management of Experimental Animals as per Committee for the Purpose of Control &Supervision of Experiments in Animals, MEoF, Govt.of India.
I may be the only person with 33 years of experience and expertise in the area of Biomaterial and Biomedical device Testing and Certification as per National and International
Standards(NABL,FDA,ISO), in an Institute under Central Government.

Further, as a Toxicologist and Animal Welfare person, who learned at the expense of public money I am interested to help the Government in any way that is possible.

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